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Kind of a personal post.


Sorry I just need to let it out. But today I told my parents I was bisexual. Ah, I have a huge weight left from my shoulders. They reacted pretty good and supportive, my brother even made jokes lol. But guys don’t be affraid, I am here to support you if you are struggling with this type of problems. I love you and I am here if you need talk.

Love, T.


I’m a proud bisexual, agnostic, weird, unique, open minded individual who’s not changing for no one.


Cool Bisexual Art :)


Cool Bisexual Art :)

My favorite question ever

  • Me: so when i dated this one guy--
  • Person: wait so you used to be straight
  • Me:
  • Person: i'm confused....?
  • Me: lol Bi-eeeeeeeeee


I like women. A lot.  

There. I said it. Now imma move on and live my life. 

I’m just saying this because I need to have it out loud. Because I think part of what’s hindering me from being happy, from being in a relationship, is that I’m scared. Of myself. And I need to let go of that. Yes, I’m bisexual. Yes, I’m attracted to more than one gender. So, yes, I’m going to stop being afraid. And live. 


it makes me so happy that someone I know personally is also bisexual. I love knowing I’m not alone around here :)


The only thing bisexuals are confused about is why some of them are so cute and still single.

Anonymous asked:

Sexual orientation?



You may not want to know so just ignore this but since there’s only a handful of you out there…
I had my first straight sex dream last night. Bloody Bi-rilliant!;)


Bi pride rainbow mousepads by pinbrickroad


Bi pride rainbow mousepads by pinbrickroad


since coming out last year i’ve felt so much happier and more comfortable and i know that not every non-straight person needs to come out to feel that way but for me i think to have that total honesty and openness with my friends was the best decision i’ve ever made


just told my mom I was bisexual and she immediately hugged me and told me if I get married again (to a man or woman) just to invite them (my parents) to the wedding this time


"So you swing both ways?"

"Erm. Well sometimes I swing… but mostly I’m too nervous because there’s usually people on the swings and I’m far too awkward to wait around until they get off them… and if someone comes along while I’m *on* the swing I feel the need to give it up to them immediately to avoid conflict. Also, I actually mostly like to spin in a circle ‘til the chains get all tangled then pick up my feet and let myself spin around for a bit."