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just told my mom I was bisexual and she immediately hugged me and told me if I get married again (to a man or woman) just to invite them (my parents) to the wedding this time


"So you swing both ways?"

"Erm. Well sometimes I swing… but mostly I’m too nervous because there’s usually people on the swings and I’m far too awkward to wait around until they get off them… and if someone comes along while I’m *on* the swing I feel the need to give it up to them immediately to avoid conflict. Also, I actually mostly like to spin in a circle ‘til the chains get all tangled then pick up my feet and let myself spin around for a bit."


Be always proud of yourself.


Be always proud of yourself.


So I came out to a lot of my friends last night and everyone is being so supportive omfg I am so happy! I even got to kiss my crush Taylor :))

The word bisexual had stood out so bright and clear in my head that all else had ceased to exist. Bisexual. I had a word. I understood; it was me… a nice clear label that said it all. I didn’t have to choose. I didn’t have to be not attracted to either guys or girls — a prospect I had found utterly absurd and likely impossible, but had thought was perhaps necessary. Now it wasn’t necessary. Now it was okay to be me. I was not unheard of. Bisexual.
- Jim Landa, bisexual character in bisexual coming of age novel, “Love, Sex, and Understanding the Universe.”

Being bisexual seemed like a blessing, a blessing that could only be abused if not fully appreciated."
- Jim Landa, bisexual character in the novel, “Love, Sex, and Understanding the Universe.


I read a book today. The main character was a 17 year-old girl named Sophie. She was in love with her best friend, Mina, but she also loved Mina’s brother Trev. Sophie was bisexual. Not once have a I read a novel where the main protagonist is bisexual. And this is the reason why I love this book. These humans aren’t recognized often in society. I give so much love and respect to the author.

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zac efron smooching michelle rodriguez does not “debunk" rumors that he may be bisexual

it just means that at this point in time he’s smooching a lady

being a bisexual man and smooching ladies are not mutually exclusive in fact it is safe to say that all bisexual people fancy smooching ladies,…


Shoutout to all those kids who’ve “come out” to their parents because that shit is terrifying.

Why hadn’t I told Mr. 100% homo that kissing a woman was among the most beautiful things I could think of? Because tolerance, I had begun to realize, is a selective concept that has, within the gay community, very clear limits.
Ironically, being closeted about my straight side was somehow comforting, as if this were confirmation that not being out had nothing to do with internalized homophobia — after all, that would imply I was heterophobic as well. The way I preferred to look at it, I wasn’t out simply because nobody wanted me to be who I am. This was, paradoxically, both an easy cop-out and a realistic assessment of the world I lived in.”
- Jim Landa, bisexual character in the novel, “Love, Sex, and Understanding the Universe.

Hello World!


I know that there are many blogs out there supporting bisexuals, but get ready because there’s a new one! This blog, run by myself and my co-blogger Zach is one that I like to think is a bit unique; this blog is run by a bisexual woman and a bisexual man! At the same time! We hope to provide some insight, support, and love to the other members of our community that need or want it! 

So here we are! Ready to help and educate any way we can!



The Bisexual Resource Center: Committed to providing support and raising awareness about bisexuality.

BiNet USA: The oldest national bisexual group in the United States. 

Robyn Ochs’ Website: An avid bisexual author and activist. A website created by the American Institute of Bisexuality.