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I’m the Sunday Speaker this morning at the local Unitarian Universalist Church. My presentation will be about biphobia and bi activism, and my bi novel, “Love, Sex, and Understanding the Universe.”


Me giving sexuality advice


Me giving sexuality advice


I need some bisexual film suggestions, I feel like I’ve watched all the bi film representation there is.

all kinds of info on bi movies on reddit/bisexual :


  1. I do not consider myself to be gay (that is, someone who is only sexually attracted to people of the same gender) and therefore don’t see much point in using that label.
  2. I consider the use of “gay” when I have clearly stated that I’m bisexual to be erasing and don’t really appreciate it when my…


Bisexual representation in media is a big deal and there needs to be more of it. A lot more


Shout out to my bisexual friends who people don’t take seriously and think it’s just a phase, even in y’alls lgbt group.

novain913 asked:

Came out to my wife and she looked at me after a moment and said, "I've known for a long time, I love you"

That’s wonderful! Very happy for you. Congratulations for taking that brave step, and for chosing such a loving person for your wife.


Interesting how I came out as bisexual 7 years ago and have been terribly open about it since and am still constantly receiving shocked reactions over it.


Came out to my mom.. It was hard as fuck and it sorta wouldnt come out so i started crying. Shes said she loved me no matter what and that its ok and that i have nothing to be ashamed or cry about. She said she herself didnt understand bisexuals but that she supported me anyway.


im out to my whole family now
i feel like im not lying to them anymore.
im so happy i have a very loving family.

One, Two, Three, Four! Open up the closet door! Five, Six, Seven, Eight! Don’t assume your kids are straight!

I’m in love


With a man. Do you know how freeing it is to say that?

My bisexual character, Jim, in “Love, Sex, and Understanding the Universe,” can certainly relate to that: